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Tracy Goldenberg

iRest Instructor

Primary Classes:


about me

Tracy’s life mission is to help people occupy their bodies, hearts, and minds with compassion and curiosity. She started her personal yoga practice in 1989 and continues to believe that mindful movement is a key component for health and wellness. Tracy’s yoga classes are always adaptive and embody the spirit of a “living laboratory”. She has training and certifications in iRest Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, and Therapeutic Yoga. Additionally, she has a background conducting psychophysiological research and an MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology. She has worked as a psychotherapist in several hospitals, as well as private practice, with both adults and children. She has served on the faculty at Naropa University since 2009 teaching courses in psychology, embodiment, and the neuroscience of the body-mind connection. In each of her roles, Tracy supports you in becoming your own expert and manifesting the best version of yourself.


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