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Melissa King

Certified Master Health Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

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about me

Hello! I'm Melissa King, certified master health coach and certified personal trainer. Over the years, I've experienced mental health issues that have negatively impacted all ares of my life.

When I learned that healthy lifestyle habits can make a significant impact on mental health I became intrigued. When I started applying specific healthy habits to my life I learned how to manage my mental health more efficiently. This led met to start my company, Wellness Abundance Coaching. I'm passionate about helping people create wellness abundance in their life so they can become the healthiest version of themselves.

I enjoy working with people through one-on-one and group health coaching and personal training. I focus on helping my clients create small changes that are sustainable for their specific lifestyle. Its heart warming for me to be a part of my clients' physical and mental health transformation.


  • Wellness

  • Mindful Movement

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