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Landon Gilfillan

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

Primary Classes:


about me

I am an eating disorder survivor and diet addict turned Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist® and health coach. I help women, in particular, heal their body and mind from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose. I use a functional nutrition approach that looks for the root cause of your health concerns, digging deep to uncover what's really causing the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Whether you struggle with unexplained weight gain, chronic fatigue, pain, never-ending food cravings, disrupted sleep, digestive troubles, disordered eating habits, or just sticking with your health plan, I will teach you how to find freedom in your relationship with food, create a positive belief system, establish consistent and sustainable systems to achieve your health goals, and feel in control of your health decisions.


  • Wellness

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