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John Burns

Certified Tai Chi Instructor Level 2

Primary Classes:

Tai Chi

about me

Sifu John, a dedicated martial artist in the Denver area, brings over a decade of expertise to his craft. His journey began with collegiate Judo in Canada, but his true passion emerged with Shaolin Kung Fu. 

Renowned as a leading Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu instructor, his extensive training at prestigious locations like the Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountains has gifted him with profound knowledge of Shaolin culture.

Committed to constant improvement, Sifu John aims to empower his students to lead fulfilling lives through Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. His certifications, including recognition as a 4th Duan Shaolin Kung Fu instructor from the Shaolin Temple, attest to his expertise. With Sifu John as your guide, embark on a transformative journey to unlock your full potential physically and spiritually in the rich traditions of Shaolin and Tai Chi.


  • Tai Chi

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